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PLEASE, In Need of a PERSONAL LOAN ASAP! Would You Help Us?

Second Chance started this conversation

Hello, I am a 38 year old, married with 3 beautiful children, 2 boys ages 12 & 15 and 1 daughter 5 years old.  Where do I began????  The last past 3 years has been a nighmare for all of us to have gone through.  We are in financial trouble and need your help.  We  now need $16,000 thousands dollars to get back on our feet (ASAP) .

We have been through the storms and the rain, but we all have made it.  It has been very difficult feeling stress out, burned down and depress due to our financies.

My husband lost his job in after being on with the company over 5 years they lost their contract and it expired.  I'm working as a teacher which is a new job for me, but just not making enough to support a family of five.

We currently have NO savings or monies that could get us out of this rut.  Our family memebers and friends at this time can not help us.  We have always been there for everyone else and has helped others without looking for anything in return, but seem  like there is know one there for us in our need.  We currently live with and take good care of my mother in her 1 bedroom apt. home after 2 years, who is totally disable and can't care for herself without assistant.  We do desire our own home but due to our credit challeges and now money problems it really puts us over in debt in our bills that has pilied up and is facing us now for immediate payment due now or else............ My children all attend a visual for performing art public schools and they have payments that is overdue and need immediate monies NOW! 

We have never had to ask for help like this before until now.  We really could use some now. PLEASE, PLEASE help us get caught up .  If there is anyone that can give us and/or LOAN us $16,000 or what ever you could possible do would be appreciative, email me at A.S.A.P  our bills including car note that is now 4 months overdue that is threatning repo and taken away in which we need to go back and forth to WORK and to take our children from place to place to  needs your help.

Our faith and prays is want keeps us going on and a Mircle, Mircle is what we need right now A.S.A.P

Thank you for giving us a second chance to get it straight again.


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Mommy of 3 in TN   in reply to 956motherof2
Hello have you tried researching There might be some other agencies on there that can help you. Just type in your city and state.
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im in desperate need of help im a single mother im 23 i have 2 kids...i need help to pay my rent..ive looked into several help programs and cant find help please find it in your heartsto help me out my rent is past due...please anyone hekhelp me....
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tay314   in reply to Barbara01
Is this real??
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Fhector43   in reply to Steve B. V
I have never thought. That Psalms would have the nerve to cry for help like this.its shamefully.50,000 to get on your feet how dare you.I got hurt on a job 2009.totally dread my. Lower lumber n facet plus need surgery.43years old.about to be in the helps here n their.and so many years working but now only100buks in food stamps is all a single man can get.hardly enough to feed my 2 dogs.biggie n midnight!And God bless if anyone help me out with 5 or a few bucks. Now that winter is approachin.but to ask hard working Peaple for 50,000grand. With number's in your head like that,its nt food u thinking name is hector email on phone is would just like to feed the pups n myself to.their are a few who need help n then there's Greedy scoundrels MAking it hard for good Psalms who want to help.God bless.
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Hello every one, My Name is Mrs Barbara Arnold, i live in Singapore and life is worth living comfortably for me and my family now and i really have never seen goodness shown to me this much in my life as i am a struggling mum with three kids and i have been going through a serious problem as my husband encountered a terrible accident last two weeks, and the doctors states that he needs to undergo a delicate surgery for him to be able to walk again and i could not afford the bill for his surgery then i went to the bank for a loan and they turn me down stating that i have no credit card, from there i run to my father and he was not able to help, then when i was browsing through yahoo answers and i came across a loan lender Mrs Mary Jane who provides loans at an affordable interest rate and i have been hearing about so many scams on the Internet but at this my desperate situation, i had no choice than to give it an attempt and surprisingly it was all like a dream, i received a loan of $35,000 USD and i prayed for my husband surgery and thank GOD today he is okay and can walk and is working and the burden is longer so much on me any more and we can feed well and my family is happy today and i said to my self that i will shout aloud to the world of the wonders of GOD to me through this GOD fearing lender Mrs Mary Jane and i will advise anyone in genuine and serious need of loan to contact this GOD fearing woman via and i want you all to pray for this woman for me THANKS
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Iam A single mom With a 12 year old daughter that is struggling to put food on my table and to pay bills! You see i lost my hearing in my left ear in april of 2011 and nobody will hire me because of it! So please find it in your heart to help me out! No a hearing aid will not do any good for my hearing lost because there is no hearing.
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 in response to ruth001...   Man if you are what you say you are maybe you could help me get back on my feet and to help others. Doing physcial work right now is not supposed to be. I can't keep sitting I would love to start a demo. and clean up co. Focus on places hit with Natural Dis. Hualing off the scrap metal tareing down distroyed buildings and cleaning up for new construction.The help need to do job would be first given to the very ones who have just lost everything. I know I'm reaching for the stars. With starting from scratch, Buting equiptment lic. permits everything it would take over 200,000.00.Or 25,00.00 would get my lic. back, pay bills untill release from dr. to go back to work. I just want a chance to have a life. All the big banks the gov. push you futher down when you are already face down.No wonder Crime rate is so high
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 in response to Nimz...   Please be careful....I replied to an ad for personal loans with low interest and after getting feedback, I knew they weren't legitimate.
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mc kings is listed under fraudwatchers beware !!!

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i am in desperate need of a loan to avoid bankruptcy and to clear a business fee that will net me multi-million dollars.

 i need it fast to save the business deal and i would pay back double or triple if someone could help me quick.  5000 quick would make me so grateful and would save me.

Email me at if someone would help.

Thank you

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Steve B. V

I like to asked some out there. Does ayone know where I can find work. I desperly need a job. I worked for a company for over 10 years then they finnally just up and closed theirdoors and went under and I have been out of work now for two years and I had to use the money that I saves for so long to lived on Now I am completly brokeand I do not have a penny to my name. Please I need your help. I need to get at least $ 50,000.00 dollars to get back on my feet and find some work. I retired from the military, but I will not be able to collect on that until eight more years when I turn 60. That will not be until 2015. I wish that I did not have to depend on my family and friends to help me out like I do right now, cause I do still have my pride to live with, but they tell me not to worry, but how that will last I do not know, but their patients is running thin that I can tell. I really desperate and really hoping for a mircle to happen. I have always help others out in their time of need. When the time comes for me. There are the short coming. I don't hardly eat any food. Cause I do not have any money to buy any food. I really do not know how long that I can survive like this. I know that the human body can only go with food for 70 days, but the body needs water and that the body will feed off the muscle of your body and parts of your body will began to start to fail like your heart and liver, kidley will start to malfunction. I use to weight in at 270 pounds. Now I wieght in at 230 pounds and I'm still loosing weight Please is there anyone out there can help. Please call at 214-357-3896 or 214-235-4819. God bless you when you see this message that I have type. Steve ps I do have a P.O. Box at 36114. Dallas, Texas. 75235-1114. But I will not be able to keep it open for long, cause the fee for the box will come shortly and I do not have the money to keep it open. Again God bless you.

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i was gay and straight and gay and straight and gay then gay the rest of my life

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If you are taking care of your mother are you her primary caregiver? If so you should really check out about the caregiver programs in your area. Some of these programs will pay you to continue being her primary caregiver so check with your local social agency to see if you can apply for this kind of program.
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